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Is proud to cross the Sinai industry household utensils of aluminum high quality and purity of 99.7%

and manufactured with the latest machines
he user with the highest modern technology in all phases of production This is because of its experience in this field.

Where is Mr. / Mohammed Khalil Ali - Chairman of the Board

One of the first makers of pots in Egypt and the owner
the experience of more than 60 years

The company has an excellent selection of engineers, technicians and
skilled workers qualified

Iso Certeficat

The company holds an ISO certification

 for quality management systems

ISO certification 2004: 14001 issued by the company OSS number MSE: 18901111 Date: 11/22/2012

OHSAS  2007: 18001 issued by the company OSS number MSE: 19201111 Date: 26/11/2012

Certificate of ISO 2008: 9001 issued by the Company OSS number MSE: 19191111 Date: 11/26/2012